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Dimitri was born in Ukraine, grew up in Israel, lives in Argentina since 2012. His show is a fascinating combination of magic, humor y mentalism.


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Street Magic (Madrid, 2010)

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The Main Show

Seeing Dimitri’s performance is a truly memorable experience!

He shares on stage a wonderful blend of strong magic and comedy, an unpredictable show, full of mystery, humor, excitement and audience participation (sometimes they do magic themselves).

Dimitri is a creative artist, who knows how to adjust the content of the show and make it more appealing to the atmosphere of the event and supply you the best entertainment possible.

Dimitri combines magic with elements of psychology and mentalism; this is why the show is so fascinate and unexpectable!

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Close Up Magic

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Birthday Parties

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Dimitri was born in Lviv, Ukraine. After the fall of the USSR, he and his family immigrated to Israel. He grew up in the north of the country and, in his teens, he studied martial arts. He has a black belt in judo and won the Israeli championship twice. He has also practiced Krav Maga and Greco-Roman wrestling. Martial arts were his life—tough, soon, a new passion would be awakened.

After high school, he spent three years in mandatory military service, where by pure coincidence he was first exposed to magic. Instantly, Dimitri became fascinated with magic and turning into a professional magician became his biggest dream. Even after long, exhausting days in the military, he would stay up practicing. 

After the army, Dimitri could not afford magic lessons. Instead, he studied independently. Eventually, his efforts paid off—Dimitri managed to become a full time professional entertainer and created a unique performance style.

Today, Dimitri is an international performer whose breadth of experience around the globe continues to influence his artistry. His performance is a fascinating combination of sleight of hands, intelligent humor and psychological deception.

Dimitri combines magic with his second biggest passion: traveling. Over the last several years, he has been performing magic all across Europe, Asia, North and South America, visiting more than 40 countries. Dimitri speaks English, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew and Portuguese – and thanks to his language skills, he is able to connect with people from all around the world.

In 2009 Dimitri got a unique opportunity that changed his life completely. He was hired to perform magic in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He quickly fell in love with South American culture and, in 2011, decided to return to this country, where he resides these days.

In 2017 Dimitri won second place at FLASOMA (Latin American Championship), due to this achievement he will compete in FISM (magic world championship), that will be held in South Korea next year.


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